Palm-sized Tiny Arcade is the world’s smallest gaming cabinet machine

Tiny Arcade 3D printed gaming machine

The love for arcade cabinets will never die. The more they are, the more we admire them. Especially when they are irresistibly cute. This is Tiny Arcade, probably the world’s smallest functional arcade machine that fits easily in your palm. The good news is you can have one, as the project is up on Kickstarter and looking on track to get funded. Created by Ken Burns from Tiny Circuits who have a knack for making miniature DIY gadgets, the Tiny Arcade looks fit for a gaming geek.

The brain of this cute little arcade machine is an Arduino and is based on a 32-bit ARM processor which recharges via the USB port. It plays 20 gaming titles including Flappy Birds, Tiny Invaders, Asteroids, Tiny Outrun and many more. Being such a small form-factor this arcade machine requires nimble fingers and sharp eyes to play with the analogue joystick/buttons and see all the action on tiny OLED screen.

Tiny Arcade 3D printed gaming machine

Tiny Arcade has a 140mAh lithium battery, integrated speakers and microSD expansion slot in case you want to add more games. Downloading a game onto your Tiny Arcade is as simple as playing them and the maker has given special attention towards that.

Tiny Arcade 3D printed gaming machine_1

The Kickstarter project gives you loads of options on buying the kind of Tiny Arcade you want, even a 3D printed one. For $60 you’ll get the DIY kit that can be assembled easily in just 15-20 minutes, pre-assembled kit will cost you $75 and the premium 3D printed version will set you back $150.

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The retail version is going to be more expensive and it would be a wise idea to book one on Kickstarter if are already planning on buying one. If the project gets funded, Tiny Arcade will start shipping from March 2016 onwards.

Via: Atmel



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