Artist creates Dart Vader sculpture and many more from electronic junk

Recycled art by Elisa Insua_90

For a creative mind nothing is waste or unusable. Just like any other inventive artist 25-year old Elisa Insua from Argentina has an affinity for using discarded materials and converting them into work of art. Her latest artistic creation included sci-fi characters, shoes, Buddha sculptures and many more. Since we are the geeky lot, therefore the most intriguing creations for us is the Darth Vader sculpture made from discarded computer parts and thrown away plastic toys.

Recycled art by Elisa Insua_3

As you can see from the images, Elisa has used golden color in many of her creation because she loves this color as it is close to sacred things. So where does she exactly get the material for all her creations? Her friends and followers on Instagram make it a point to donate trash electronics and plastic toys so that their favorite artist can come up with something new every now and then.

Recycled art by Elisa Insua_4

Recycled art by Elisa Insua_1

Recycled art by Elisa Insua_10

Recycled art by Elisa Insua_5

Recycled art by Elisa Insua_8

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