Rowkin Mini wireless Bluetooth earbud connects to two devices at once

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Are you on the lookout for a good pair of earbuds that create minimum hassle for you? Then Rowkin Mini wireless Bluetooth earbuds are just the kind of accessory you have been looking for. These earbuds are ideal for people who love to have their music always plugged-in and can’t afford any irritating roadblocks. Touted as the world’s smallest wireless Bluetooth earbud with a built-in mic and portable charging case, Rowkin Mini is a god sent music streamer audiophiles cannot deny. The earbud allows you to connect to 2 devices at once which is a feature I’ve been looking in my earphones for quite a long time now.

Rowkin Mini earbud

The earbuds are so small that you won’t even notice them but make sure they are stuffed into your ears otherwise you will have a hard time finding them if they fall off your ears. With Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity you’ll be able to connect the earbud to any device which is in 30 feet range. One advantage of connectivity with two devices is the ability to switch between them without disconnecting the other. For example if your phone and laptop are connected to Rowkin Mini then it will automatically make the switch in case you are receiving a call.

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It is made from aluminum material to keep the weight as low as possible and its size is also quite compact. Rowkin Mini earbud is charged by connecting to its case which has magnetic conductive charging. One charge will provide you with 9 hours of talk time on the go and 1.5 hours of continuous music playback. Thankfully the earbud is compatible with all current gen smartphones and mobile devices like iPhone 6s/6s Plus, Samsung Galaxy Edge+/Note5 etc. The good news, well you can buy Rowkin Mini earbud right away for a discounted price of $59.99 from Amazon.

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