Off-road buggy taken to the limit in death-defying stunts by RJ Anderson

Off-road buggy stunt by RJ Anderson

Automotive stunts have always pushed daredevils to the limit with a craving to come-up with something that no one else has tried before. Be it Ken Block who is the master of drifting or numberless other people who excel in Motorsport stunts. Every now and then we come across death-defying stunts which literally bring heart to mouth, and this custom off-road buggy stunt is one straight out from the daredevil category. Driven by 20-year-old champion California racer RJ Anderson, the turbo-charged Task Utility Vehicle (TUV) breaks all barriers by performing eye-popping maneuvers in Youngstown, Ohio.

This buggy is a custom built XP1K3 RZR XP Turbo with 200 horsepower under the hood which gives the driver confidence to launch it 100 feet through the second story of a collapsed building or a jump over an abandoned train. For these kind of moves hitting the right speed was very important otherwise a crash was certain.

Shooting the stunts was also a challenge as every move had to be done only once due to the danger levels. Filmmaker siblings 43-year-old Matt Martelli and two years younger Joshua Martelli captured every move perfectly and the whole video was nailed flawlessly.

Director Joshua said:

The second finale jump was over 100 feet and through the second story of a collapsed building – it was incredibly dangerous as debris was falling off the building while we filmed. Our entire camera crew had to be very vigilant about the locations and really focus on the task at hand – we had a dedicated emergency crew on each day in case of an accident with RJ.

In the end it all turned out exactly as the crew wanted and RJ Anderson deserves a deserving applause for nailing it all in one go. Ken Block will have a keen look at all this and perhaps get some ideas for his next challenge for Gymkhana.

Off-road buggy stunt by RJ Anderson_4

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