Laptop Cooling Bar is one compact alternative for bulky cooling pads

Laptop Cooling Bar

Laptop is a good investment for people who use it for a multitude of purposes at office use home. Traditionally laptops are meant for light usage but graphics intensive applications put a lot of load on the processor and GPU. Desktop PC’s are blessed with large cooling fans and ample space to let the heat out but laptops are compact and don’t have that leverage. A cooling pad is a good accessory for your laptop to keep things cool inside and prevent battery damage or even damage to important hardware including the motherboard. But a cooling pad means extra luggage in your backpack and kills the purpose of portability for your laptop. And in most cases it is a hassle to carry cooling pad with you everywhere your laptop goes.

So times call for a laptop accessory that is compact enough and keeps it cool during work. Laptop Cooling Bar by PPINKA is a compact accessory that you can carry in your backpack anywhere. And when you need, just take it out and put it under your laptop. Not only does the accessory keep your laptop cool but also gives it better ergonomic angle for typing. The cooling bar is made from aluminum to keep scratches away and also act as a heat sink. To keep it simple the cooling bar does what it is meant to do. Keep your laptop cool by providing ample space under the body to expel hot air and assist intake of cool air from the surroundings.

Laptop Cooling Bar

Laptop Cooling Bar is soon going to be up for purchase and for now you can try Just Mobile Aluminum Cooling Bar which is priced at $39.99 but can be bought for a discounted price of $30.13 from Amazon. Laptop Cooling Bar is going to be priced in the same range or even cheaper so you can wait until its release which will happen in time for the holiday season.

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