Temporary Biometric Tattoo tracks your health stats in real-time

Chaotic moon Biometric Tattoo

Wearable technology is hitting us all in a big way and it won’t be surprising if it is the next big revolution. Some might even say that it is already a revolution with wearables changing the complexion of electronic gadgets. Sensor-enabled tattoos and electronic ink have already given us a reason to believe that wearable tech is going to be our second skin in the near future. For example the skin thermometer tattoo or sweat monitoring tattoo. Austin-based company Chaotic Moon is developing a prototype that will be loaded with sensors for collecting all the vital data from your body for prime health and fitness.

The tattoo has conductive ink and nano-sensors which collect health data to make the transfer to a connected application which presents the user with all that is important to track health. This tattoo is going to be temporary and will wash-off like any other fashion tattoo. As with other fitness tracking gadgets, this tattoo will sense body temperature, hydration levels, heart rate and sweat to determine the wearer’s current health. Since the tattoo is going to be temporary it can be used during special events or during certain illness to get precise readings.

Chaotic moon Biometric Tattoo_1

According to Ben Lamm, CEO Chaotic Moon

The next step in wearables are the BioWearables. It is a green, non-invasive tech that turns you into a human circuit board. We’re looking at this as a human circuit board and the human body as a platform that we can build on top of.

The electronic tattoo will be non-invasive and use electronic ink to maintain conductivity across the circuitry. Wearing this tattoo will make you look like a cyborg but don’t worry it is going to be just on a temporary basis for a wide array of uses in medical, military or other applications.

Via: TechCrunch



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