Blue Origin launch rocket into outer space, Jeffery P. Bezos keeps space tourism dream alive

Blue Origin space capsule

Blue Origin space capsule touches 100.5 km distance

Jeffery P. Bezos, the founder of Amazon has invested quite a lot of wealth in rocket technology for space mission and his efforts have finally paid-off. His space company Blue Origin has successfully launched a rocket in outer space and returned back home without a hitch. This reusable rocket named New Shepard rocket (named after Alan Shepard) travelled 329,839 feet (100.5 kms) to the extremity of Earth’s atmosphere.

Launched from a site near Van Horn in West Texas

Launched from a site near Van Horn in West Texas

Rocket blasted-off the space capsule which touched outer space and returned home safely

The rocket was launched from a site near Van Horn in West Texas and its success marks another step towards the dream of space tourism which is the next frontier. The rocket carried a capsule which blasted-off the rocket and set on journey that eventually just got it past the starting point of outer space.

This capsule returned to ground after 11 minutes of its blast-off from the rocket. As for the rocket, it too returned back to base by reigniting the engines at 5000 feet, hurling at a speed of 4.4 miles per hour and landing just five feet away from its target.

A huge success when compared to the first test flight that got an abrupt ending as the rocket crashed because of some problem with the hydraulic system. To make sure this didn’t happen again, the engineers replaced hydraulics with a completely new design.

Space capsule returns back home safely

Space capsule returns back home safely

Mr. Bezos said that this is just the beginning and more test programs will follow in the coming months. Blue Vision wants to make space flight and space tourism a flawless success and do it all in target time before 2020.

On the other side of coin, Elon Musk is going to have a grim face over this news as his own space venture SpaceX has been going through a torrid time. Along with SpaceX, Virgin Galactic has also been trying hard to get some success with their space tourism venture. That said, Blue Origin has taken the lead in this fight for space tourism supremacy.

Blue Origin team celebrate the success after landing

Blue Origin team celebrate the success of New Shepard after landing

Via: NYTimes



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