Bluetooth speaker with dynamic visualizer gets you in the party mood

LED Bluetooth Wireless Speaker

There is a plethora of wireless speakers in the market, but only a few catch the eye. A geek wants speaker that can be bragged about and many will envy for the rest of their lives. So here is one geeky speaker which stands aloud from the rest for its cool factor. Elecom Shining Bluetooth Speaker is something that you wouldn’t have seen before for its sheer simplicity and yet its techy feel. This speaker on first look gives the impression of a carry bag but actually it has LED display that comes to life as soon as the first beat hits.

The LED illumination acts as a cool visualizer with the LED lights dancing to the beat which will not only surprise on-lookers, but maybe even act as a party starter in dull moments. Shining Bluetooth Speaker is compatible with smartphones and other mobile devices. Just connect up to 8 compatible devices and enjoy quality audio with the added effect of LED visualization. These illuminations light up in seven different patterns and is ideal for any type of setting. Be it outdoors or in your room, the speaker is made for party animals.

LED Bluetooth Wireless Speaker_1

Shining Bluetooth Speaker is priced at 6,980 Yen (approx. $56) and will soon hit online stores. For now just imagine the kind of parties you can throw up with this accessory by your side. In fact every day is going to be a party with LED Bluetooth wireless speaker.



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