Cristiano Ronaldo endorsing a strange Japanese fitness product

Sixpad Cristiano Ronaldo

Who doesn’t want a chiseled body with muscular lines flowing throughout and irresistible to the opposite sex? But getting that muscular body requires dedication and hard work with quite a number of hours in the gym or out in the open performing athletic activities. One man who everyone looks up to when it comes to face value and athletic body is Real Madrid star Cristiano Ronaldo. His perfect body is the epitome of fitness and everyone wants to be like him.

Now, the star footballer reveals his fitness secret which has given him that sexy toned body. Ronaldo has advertised for a Japanese training gear which promises to give you perfectly toned body. The star has endorsed Training Gear Sixpad (from a Japanese manufacturer MTG Co.) which uses electrical impulses to initiate muscle contraction and emulates moderate muscular workout. Just attach it to the intended muscle and the device stimulates muscle contraction for a light workout.

Sixpad fitness trainer

To be honest the fitness device can only give you toned body for a few hours, maybe just in time for your big date, but don’t expect any miracles from it. Sixpad will relax your muscles and maybe even remove traces of lactic acid from tired muscles to relax them. Perhaps a good product to combine with your regular gym routine and fine tune your body muscles for an irresistibly sexy appeal.

You can buy Sixpad Training Gear for $284 right away, and although it might seem a bit over-priced, just look who is endorsing it folks.

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