Guy makes his own 3D printed eight-shot revolver

DIY gun 3D printed

Getting the license to keep a revolver is not that easy in many countries. So what to do when there is no way out and you desperately need a gun, just because you need a gun! You make one for yourself. Yes, that is exactly what mechanical engineering student James Patrick did. He used 3D printing technology to make a pepperbox revolver good enough to fire .22LR bullets from its muzzle. To give the gun unique identity Patrick has inscribed the gun with his name in huge font.

Patrick has named his 3D printed revolver as PM522 Washbear and it is based on single-shot Liberator pistol which was made by a Japanese man which ultimately got him arrested.

NOTE: In countries like Japan and Australia just owning the 3D printing files for the gun’s make can land you behind the prison or face criminal penalties. Make sure you know the law before downloading the files for printing this gun by James Patrick.

This 3D printed revolver can fire eight bullets before needing a reload and is meant to be used with caution since it can incur damage. Apparently this is the world’s first functional 3D-printed repeating firearm which has been printed using a consumer 3D printer.

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It took Patrick almost one month to complete the gun by putting together all the 3D printed pieces. Only a few things like elastic band spring, metal firing pin and steel rods are made from material other than the ABS plastic which is used to 3D print this gun.

The gun is made from a swappable 6 or 8-chamber pepperbox-styled cylinder which allows him to fire eight rounds in one go. Patrick has made sure that the design of this gun is really simple, yet capable of inflicting damage. Also he has made it a priority to add a detachable metal to the gun which is required by the law so that it shows up in scans.

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