Record Runner is the smallest record player with Volkswagen running in circles

Record runner

Giving the good old record player a new refreshing take is this Record Runner vinyl player which brings back the nostalgic Sound Wagon back to life. To be specific, this is a record playing speaker which has the original Volkswagen running on the vinyl player to create ear-pleasing music. Deemed as the smallest record player in the world, it adds curiosity among people who have seen it for the first time ever.

The record player uses Volkswagen authorized car design and it plays 12-inches or 7-inches records at 45 rpm. The palm-sized record player is 2 AAA battery-powered and it has built-in speaker to beam music. Record Runner player comes with the option to choose between a deep purple or lime green Volkswagen. You can buy it right away in Japan for 6,980 Yen ( $57 USD), however availability in other locations could be an issue. You can check it for your locations by clicking this link.

Record runner_2

Record runner_3

Record runner_1



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