Project Fi subscribers get surprise Lego charging stand kit from Google

Google Project Fi Lego charging stand_3

Google’s take on how you use mobile phone networks known as Project Fi has given a fresh start to the users who want quality. Partnering with Sprint and T-Mobile, Project Fi has already proved its worth in the select markets where it has been rolled out. Now the proud users of Google Project Fi have received a surprise gift for the holidays. A Lego charging stand for your Nexus device that can be assembled and used easily.

Google Project Fi Lego charging stand kit

The Lego kit includes Fi-colored materials inside a white box, the instruction manual to put together this charging stand and a thanks note for subscribers of Project Fi. This is a warm gesture by Google just in time for the holidays and although the charging stand itself is not that high-end, the users will relish this gift none-the-less.

Google Project Fi Lego charging stand_1

Apparently, Google Project Fi is supported on Nexus 5x, 6 and 6P devices for now. This gift by Google will surely bring a smile to the faces of users and being in Lego flavor makes it even more special.

Many Google+ users have posted some pictures of the Lego phone charging stand including Edward K Lewandowski, Paul Sikkema and Robert Black.

Google Project Fi Lego charging stand

Google Project Fi Lego charging stand_1

Via: AndroidPolice



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