Geminoid F humanoid is more than just a pretty face

Geminoid F robot

At the World Robot Exhibition in Beijing this week Hiroshi Ishiguro Laboratory at Osaka University revealed a robot which looks and behaves like a human. They call it Android Geminoid F, and for some she is the sexiest robot on the planet. This is not the first time Geminoid F has made appearance as the humanoid robot also featured in Japanese movie ‘Sayonara’ which is a story on the after-effects of nuclear power plant meltdown.

The five-foot six-inch tall robot is crippled for now as it has to be moved around in a wheelchair. That said, it has human like facial expressions and can recognize body language and make eye-to-eye contact. It can smile, furrow eyebrows and move her mouth. A beautiful rubber-skinned face and perfect body that makes it so popular without doubt.

Geminoid F robot_1

Android Geminoid F has an AI engine which assists the humanoid in giving apt response to what’s happening around or someone conversing with it one-on-one. As for her facial movement the motorized actuators powered by air pressure do the trick.

Some might say that this Android has a worthy competitor named Erica which is a 23-year old android revealed a few months ago and it is not surprising that Japanese have developed it too.

Geminoid F robot_3

Kohei Ogawa, assistant professor at Hiroshi Ishiguro Laboratory said that they are working on making an improved version of the Android Geminoid F robot. The next version is presumably going to have better AI and perhaps a pair of legs to cure her disability.

According to the makers current version costs $108,600 and the future version is going to have more features but cut down on making cost considerably. This is a tell-tale sign of a future where we are going to see intelligent robots with emotional quotient, just like the one shown in movie Ex Machina.

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