ShiftWear E Ink sneakers can be customized on the go

Shiftwear sneakers with e-ink display

In this tech dominated world we have got used to customizing our gadgets with new themes and wallpapers every now and then. For example changing the wallpaper of our smartphone or toggling the watch face of trendy smartwatch. Upcoming trend that has come to the foray is changing the look and feel of your sneakers. Just imagine how you can change the look of and feel of your sneakers without having to buy a new one just because you’ve got bored of the existing ones. As cool as it sounds, the idea of having sneakers with design changing options to go with your outfit is so desirable.

ShiftWear satisfies that desire since it is a pair of sneakers with major part of the shoe covered in E Ink display which gives the user freedom to change the displayed design as and when needed. Not only that you can also select animation design which displays catchy animations on the shoe.

Put up any design on your sneakers for a fresh look everyday

With the help of an Android/iOS app you can apply any pre-installed design or make you own custom design and sport it on your sneakers. The e-ink display is powered by flexible electronics that charge as you walk (Walk-N-Charge Tech) and you don’t have to worry about getting them wet as they are made from waterproof material (up to 5 meters). If you use a static image display then the e-ink display uses negligible power however displaying an animation requires more electrical power.

Shiftwear sneaker

ShiftWear sneakers are going to be the next big revolution in footwear and one can even categorize them under wearable technology. The project is currently up on Indiegogo platform for funding and minimum price of ShiftWear kicks is $150. The price goes up depending on the kind of kicks you choose.

# Volvorii Timeless

Volvorii Timeless pumps

Interestingly, there is yet another Indiegogo project which brings high heeled shoes which can be customized with unique look as many times as you want. Volvorii Timeless pumps also have e-ink display to display numberless patterns which gives choosy ladies the option to get their desired style on the shoes. Thankfully, the project couldn’t reach the funding goal but flexible funding option made sure the campaign got forward and funded.

Volvorii Timeless pumps_1

# Shift Sneakers

Shift sneakers_1

Yet another revolutionary shoe design that uses conductive woven threads and mini-LED display is all set to bamboozle the geeky lot. Shift Sneakers from UK-based company +rehabstudio can change their color like a chameleon and transform the look completely of the whole shoe. The shoe is still in conceptual stage and the real challenge is going to be making a prototype version or even a commercially available one.

Shift sneakers



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