Smart Rope is the tech savvy skipping rope you always longed for

Smart Rope smartphone connected skipping rope

Jumping rope is the simplest and best tool for cardio workout that has been used by fitness enthusiasts from decades. With dedication and daily rope jumping regime you can shred all the fat near you center of gravity without the need to hit the gym. But the good old jumping rope has certain limitations when it comes to analyzing your daily jumping regime. Now is the time to give-up jumping with a rope the traditional way and get much more out of your rope jumping routine.

Smart Rope by Tangram is a tech-enabled interactive jump rope loaded with sensors that keeps track of your jumping count. It also has Bluetooth transmitters fitted on the rope handles to track fitness data on your smartphone via the Smart Gym app. It gives precise calorie burn count and keeps you focused on the fitness regime ahead.

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The Smart Rope has an array of LED’s in the middle section which displays the jump count in real-time and keeps the user focused on achieving set targets. With this feature you don’t have to keep on recounting the jumps and concentrate just on burning calories. The Smart Rope will do all the calculation for you and also store data on your smartphone to monitor progress.

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The makers have made it a point to make this rope to withstand double the load a normal skipping rope. Moreover the fact that it has a rechargeable Li-ion battery ensures you don’t have to bother about replacing batteries. Just plug it into your PC and the rope is charged in 2 hours’ time to give you 36 hours of usage.

Smart Rope is available in 5 size options and three colors to choose from. You can buy it for a discounted price of $72 (20% discount) right now with shipping to worldwide locations.

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