Jeremy Clarkson explains how Amazon Prime Air drone delivery service works

Amazon Prime Air drone delivery service

Amazon’s ambitious drone delivery Prime Air drone delivery service got a refreshing new boost with a new teaser video which got released yesterday. The video features Jeremy Clarkson who gives an insight into the company’s drone delivery system which is honed by a drone weighing 55 pounds capable of carrying 5 pounds of payload. This drone is equipped with sensors and collision avoidance system which detect any potential obstacles or other flying objects in its vicinity. The aim is to make this drone delivery mechanism full-proof and promise delivery in as less as 30 minutes in certain locations.

Amazon said that currently they have more than a dozen prototypes of the drone which is going to finally make it to the skies for commercial use. They also admitted that the design and characteristics of this drone will evolve over time to ensure 100% customer satisfaction.

On course to this vision for the near future, Amazon was granted approval to fly drones for research in Prime Air service by Federal Aviation Administration. Now the e-commerce giant is looking for regulatory support needed to safely operate a network of drones for delivery.

Amazon Prime Air drone delivery system Jeremy Clarkson

Coming onto the drone featured in this video, it looks like a combination of an airplane and helicopter, much like the high-end VTOL helicopters used by military. The 9 propeller drone is capable of flying to a distance of 15 miles and promises delivery within 30 minutes of order placement. This drone picks up the package and drops it to the delivery location just in time for the customer’s amazement.

The vision is quite demanding and Amazon is well on course to revolutionize how home deliveries are made. By the look of it, this drone looks big as compared to other drones and Amazon will have to ensure total safety while flying it to avoid any mishaps or cargo damage.

Amazon Prime Air drone delivery service Jeremy Clarkson

Via: ArsTechnica



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