One Love Machine Band – Live performing robotic rock stars set the stage on fire

One Love Machine Band

Making things from trash is a great way to showcase your creativity and maybe give you a new lease of life. The bionic hands made by Chinese amputee is a great example of this very creative thinking. On the other side of the planet an artist from Berlin is putting trash to good use for making a robotic band. Kolija Kugler, an artist and sculptor has created a band of three robotic performers along with small whistling bird robots, all made from junk material. And they disassemble very easily to fit inside a van for transportation.

He calls it the ‘One Love Band’ inspired by Bob Marley’s song, and he brought it for performance at the Futurapolis conference held in Toulouse last weekend. The robotic rock stars put up a great show for two days at this event. So how exactly does Kolija get these robots to perform for the crowd, drumming and guitaring their way to glory?

One Love Machine Band_1

Using air-pressure systems, the intimidating robots are controlled and powered seamlessly. This ensures that the drummer robot doesn’t miss a beat while performing, being flawless in the meanwhile. The robot that you see in the middle is Kolija’s first robot that he has nicknamed Sire Elton Junk. Thereafter, he made the bass player and drum player robot named Boom Tschak from more scrap material.

Movement of these robots is controlled by air-pressure system

Other than the music which I have to admit is not of the highest grade, these robots are a show stopper with their signature moves. The artist has plans to add more band members to this robotic rock band and he wants to do this by earning money from tours and performances.

One Love Machine Band

Via: VentureBeat



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