Smart Lumenus apparels ensure on-road safety for cyclists


Visibility is the prime concern for cyclists, walkers and runners on the road. Generally during the day it may not be much of a requirement (unless weather is foggy or visibility is hampered due to some reason), but at night, being visible means being safe. With the ultimate goal to help save lives, Jeremy Wall in collaboration with accessories maker Outdoor Tech has developed Lumenus, which makes pedestrians and cyclists more visible than any other available product on the market. Lumenus includes two jackets, a vest and a backpack embedded with customizable LEDs, which illuminate as and when the wearer desires.

The fashionable yet useful apparels come with Lumenus app (compatible with iOS and Android). When paired together, using GPS, gyros and mapping technique, the LEDs can be configured to function automatically based on user preference and action.

The Lumenus gear is fitted with different colored LEDs, which can be configured to light up for different actions. A cyclist can preselect a route on the dedicated Lumenus app and the set out cycling with certainty of safety. The red LEDs on the back of the Lumenus apparels indicate breaking, while the white in front laminate the road ahead. The LEDs on either cuffs light up to indicate the direction on a preselected route, while LEDs on the front and back of the jacket flash to indicate the turn direction to other motorists.


In addition to automatically flashing direction, and indicating a break, the Lumenus apparels also can be used as a notification system – to provide turn-by-turn navigation (as mentioned above) to indicate incoming messages on the synced phone, and also to indicate if the rider is under or overexerting).


Powered by rechargeable batteries that last for a day, the Lumenus gear is all waterproof and is ideal for cyclists, hikes, walkers and runners.

The company has launched Kickstarter campaign for Lumenus, seeking a modest $54,000 goal to boast production. Early birds can secure Lumenus for $100, which is scheduled to ship in June 2016.



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