SyncPhone poses to be an ultra-portable Windows 10 PC

SyncPhone Windows 10 PC

Smartphones are going to replace almost all computing devices we own some day. If that statement sounds an exaggeration, consider the new Lumia 950 and Lumia 950 XL, which come with a Microsoft’s Display Dock that allows the smartphone to be used as a fully-fledged Windows 10 PC, thanks to Continuum. To make this scene even more routine, a company has launched an Indiegogo campaign for SyncPhone – a Windows 10 running smartphone that wants to unite both PC and smartphone.  By running Windows 10 instead of Windows 10 Mobile, the SyncPhone will be able to run all the applications that you can on a Windows 10 laptop or desktop.

SyncPhone v Lumia 950 Xl

According to the listing on Indiegogo, the SyncPhone will be a 5.4-inch smartphone fitted in with a 64-bit desktop architecture. Drawing power from an Intel Atom chip, the phone will feature a textured aluminum uni-body and will come in three distinct variants and colors. The SyncPhone, SyncPhone S and SyncPhone Pro will be available in Solar gold, sterling silver and midnight black. Check out the screenshot below for specification details of each of these variants.

SyncPhone specifications

The SyncPhone we learn will be unlocked (you can use it with any network carrier). The smartphone will come with a kickstand and a separately buyable detachable keyboard (guaranteeing ease of use as a PC). According to the Indiegogo campaign, the company claims the SyncPhone’s performance will be at par with Microsoft Surface 3 (a big claim, but if it’s true, we know what kind of a smartphone we are looking at).

SyncPhone with kickstand

There is no mention about the battery and its run time, but we learn the SyncPhone will be available for $280 on retail.  SyncPhone S and SyncPhone Pro will retail for $390 and $700 respectively. Since the phone is looking to attain a $750,000 funding goal, the SyncPhone can be had for $199 early bird price.

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