Alamo Drafthouse Star Wars-themed movie theater opens in Nebraska

Alamo Drafthouse Star Wars themed movie theater

The mecca for future Star Wars movies could be in the Midwest as Alamo Drafthouse cinema chain has revealed their Star Wars-themed movie theater in Omaha, Nebraska. The movie theater has been designed by Kansas City firm Dimensional Innovations. As you can very well imagine, making a Star Wars-themed cinema requires quite a lot of detailing to live up to the expectations of fans, and this architecture absolutely lives up to the levels required.

As you can see in the pictures, this cinema house is larger than life with intricate detailing which will satisfy any hardcore Star Wars fan. Taking inspiration from the epic Imperial Ship, the light panels add to the magnificence of this one-of-a-kind cinema. To amplify the huge proportional design there is a 10-foot Death Star hanging in the lobby with a green super laser emulated on the Death Star/Star Destroyer architecture is one of the eye-catching bit.

Alamo Drafthouse Star Wars themed movie theater_2

Now comes the best bit of this movie theater, a fully operational Emperor’s throne which turns the lobby Death Star. An immersive spectacle which is bound to attract tourists and fans from around the globe to Nebraska this holiday season for sure. The timing is also perfect as Star Wars: The Force Awakens is also hitting the big screen this holiday season.

Alamo Drafthouse Star Wars-themed Cinema is a true marvel of design architecture and Star Wars fans will want to visit it anytime soon. Perhaps, just in time for the epic movie this December. And yes, it adds to the countless number of Star Wars inspired things we have seen so far.

Alamo Drafthouse Star Wars themed movie theater_4

Source: Variety



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