Moto 360 Sports smartwatch is tailor-made for fitness junkies

Moto 360 Sports

Last time around when Motorola launched the next updated version of Moto 360 smartwatch it impressed with a lot of variety provided over the counter. Now, Motorola has come-up with a fitness-oriented model of the watch which is going to be released in Europe on December 18 and people in US will have to wait till January 7 for a price tag of $299.

New features in the Moto 360 Sports include built-in GPS for keeping track of your runs, heart rate monitor to keep a tab of your physical activity and a music player to get into the groove to maximize your fitness regime efficacy.
The watch comes with AnyLight hybrid display which allows the user to see the watch in any type of lighting conditions. When you are indoors, the watch display behave like a LCD screen, while outdoors it reflects sunlight.

Since this smartwatch is specially catered towards fitness enthusiasts, therefore Motorola has made the band from silicone material to keep it waterproof and prevent fading with time. There are side ventilation channels which help you stay cool even when you are sweating profoundly.

Motorola has also worked on the efficient use of battery power and the Moto 360 Sports version gives extended battery life with the Ambient Mode turned on. All-in-all the smartwatch is a good buying option for hardcore fitness fanatics who take their daily fitness routine quite seriously.

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Source: Motorola



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