1966 Batmobile designer George Barris laid to rest in Batmobile coffin


Batmobile coffin

How many people have had the honor to be buried in their own creations? Proudly, legendary Hollywood car customizer George Barris is one of the very few. Barris, responsible for designing the 1966 Batmobile (driven by Adam West in the ’66 “Batman” TV series) was recently laid to rest in a customized Batmobile coffin (inspired by his very own creation) at Forest Lawn in Los Angeles. Most of us would still remember the iconic ’66 Batmobile that we grew up watching, Barris was the man behind it and he certainly deserved this iconic farewell.

George Barris 1966 Batmobile

Barris who passed away in November was referred to as “The King of Kustomizers.” He, in addition to being attributed for designing the ’66 Batmobile, has also been famous for his customized creations for “North by Northwest,” “The Beverly Hillbillies,” and “The Time Machine” to name a few.

Barris was laid to rest in a classic Batmobile casket that’s air brushed on the sides and complete with  fins on top. Rest in peace Barris!

Batmobile coffin-1

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