Chin Rest Arm for bloggers who need a cozy nap

Thanko Chin Rest Arm

Thanko, the maker of bizarre products is back with another one added to their portfolio. The Japanese manufacturer of niche products that you rarely find anywhere else, has this time around come-up with another laptop/desktop accessory which aims to provide you comfort during long hours of working. While in your office or home, sitting for 7-8 hours in front of a screen takes a heavy toll on your spine and back muscles. For such times you need a hand to support your head and provide some respite.

Thanko Chin Rest Arm_3

Use this cozy hand for short bursts of rest while working on your PC

That hand need not be yours, as Thanko has cleverly made a table mounting accessory called ‘Chin Rest Arm’ that gives you the same support as your hand. This makes sense especially for people who have to type a lot while working or for that matter use their both hands, one for operating the mouse/touchpad and other for keyboard typing. Just imagine a third hand which will embrace your face in comfort and provide support for your head.

Thanko Chin Rest Arm

This multi-purpose hand can be used in many different positions while sitting or having a quick nap. The accessory is made from cushioned material for maximum comfort. All this comfort for just 4,980 Yen ($40 approx.) and just imagine how it will soothe you into comfort while working. Unfortunately Chin Rest Arm is out of stock for now and will be back in numbers but you’ll have to wait.

Thanko Chin Rest Arm_1

Thanko Chin Rest Arm_2

Via: RocketNews



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