This pop-up book is also a fully-functional pinhole camera

Pop-up book pinhole camera

Artist Kelli Anderson, previously famous for her paper record player has come up with an interesting new project – a pinhole camera inside a pop-up book. Dubbed “This Book Is a Camera,” it is a pop-up book that when laid out flat opens up into a pinhole camera ready to snap a photo. Kelli put in a lot of hard work to figure out how to construct a camera out of paper and then fit it into a pop-up book. With diligent effort, she perfected sequence of cuts and folds to construct a functional camera out of paper.

This book is a camera

The camera can take small photos on any light sensitive film material; however, the shots need to go through dark room developing. Once developed, the user can use an app or scanner to invert the captured black and white shot.

This Book is a Camera

This Book Is a Camera may not be the best of photography options you have, but it surely is a fun project. Kelli points out that building one of these cameras is not really difficult; she has posted instructions on how to make a pop-up book camera of your own on her website – head over to the site in case you want to try your hands at building one.



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