Epson’s PaperLab is in-office paper recycling machine we always wanted

Seiko Epson PaperLab

Paper is the most used item in an office. It is also the most wasted commodity. Offering a green initiative to change the way we use paper in office, Seiko Epson has developed what is the world’s first office paper recycling system. Called PaperLab, the 8.5-foot-wide machine is created with the purpose to convert used paper into clean, new white sheet in matter of minutes, without the use of water. Scheduled to go on sale in Japan in 2016, PaperLab has been designed to strip paper into fiber before it is treated with additives to bind fabric back, remove color on used paper and return it with the lustrous white appearance.   

According to the company, the PaperLab is different from traditional shredding for two reasons. One, the PaperLab uses special adhesives to bind fibers instead of water; two, the machine minimizes greenhouse gas emissions – since PaperLab can be placed inside the office, it saves on the transportation of paper to recycling plant.

PaperLab has been tested to recycle about 14 sheets per minute. Epson has refrained from giving out on the price but we learn a prototype version of the PaperLab will be on display at an environmental exhibition, Eco-Products 2015 in Tokyo from December 10 to 12.

Via: WSJ



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