Nokia Ozo Virtual Reality Camera is coming early next year for $60,000


We first saw the Nokia Ozo – Company’s first product since the mobile phones a few months back. Nokia Ozo is a high-end virtual reality camera that can shoot videos at 360-degree viewing angle. There have been a few 360-degree VR cameras already, and we have also seen custom rigs for the same, but the spherically-shaped Ozo is apart from each of these in both ease of function and deliverables – it’s as Nokia puts it – the ‘world’s first professional virtual reality camera.’ Recently, Nokia unveiled integrated and immersive VR camera at a launch event in Los Angeles and it was here that it gave Ozo $60,000 price tag and shipment date of early 2016.

Nokia wants Ozo to be just perfect so that the company’s image and perspective can be lifted back to glory days. A reason, instead of venturing into VR hardware, Nokia developed a camera to help create films and games in 3D, which can later be watched and relished on virtual reality headset/hardware.


Creating VR content for various VR headsets in development from Facebook (Oculus Rift), Sony (PlayStation VR), HTC (Vive) and Google (Cardboard) is going to be challenging. This is where Nokia Ozo will step in. It’ll be the much needed specialized equipment to effectively capture 360-degree videos in any given environment.

Ozo is steeply priced since the camera can record stereoscopic 3D video and audio through eight 2K x 2K cameras with integrated microphones. With eight camera equidistantly placed, the Ozo can operate wirelessly, and can save all the recorded video data in one single file. The camera can also be used for live broadcast.


Weighing just 9.3 pounds, the Ozo camera comes with 500GB SSD onboard, which can record up to 45 minutes continuously.  The disk can then be swapped. The camera allows one to transfer captured data via USB 3.0. Sadly, Ozo records at 30 fps, which is way too meager when we consider 60 fps as the bare minimum for effective, immersive VR shoots.

Though, its steep price will keep Nokia Ozo out of reach of most customers currently, we presume Nokia will gradually mange to decrease the price as the VR technology beco es more mainstream.

Via: RoadtoVR



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