This 3D printed car and solar-powered house can charge each other

Additive Manufacturing Integrated Energy 3D printed car and house

Researchers from the Department of Energy’s Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ONRL) have developed a new way to power homes and vehicles which gives a glimpse into the self-sustainable future. Called as AMIE (Additive Manufacturing Integrated Energy) this bold take on how a car can power a home and vice versa is absolutely incredible. To do this the team made use of large scale 3D printing to create design if both the prototype home and vehicle.

The battery-powered car parks on a wireless charging pad outside the dwelling and bi-directional energy flow decides which way the energy is needed the most. If the house needs it, the energy flows that way and vice versa. This energy-efficient house is fitted with solar panels on the roof which soak up energy and help achieve two way sustainability.

On full battery power the car can go a distance of up to 35 miles in real world driving conditions. It has an electric-hybrid powertrain which makes use of electric energy and natural gas to run the engine. This car weights around 4010lbs and has a power of 110bhp which makes it reach top speed of 60 mph.

Additive Manufacturing Integrated Energy 3D printed car and house_2

30% of this jeep like car is made from carbon-fiber reinforced ABS plastic composite material. As for the 3D printed house, it is made mostly from ABS plastic material, thereby giving it structural strength. In total the car and house are made from over 25,000 pounds of 3D printed parts.

Additive Manufacturing Integrated Energy 3D printed car and house_3

This is all about energy conservation, manufacturing cost cutting using less material and smart communication between devices. AMIE aims to rethink the way in which energy is used to power things.

Additive Manufacturing Integrated Energy 3D printed car and house_4



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