James Bond inspired Tesla Model S for ‘Racing Extinction’ creates heavy impact

Tesla Model S for Racing Extinction movie

On December 2 Discovery premiered the highly impactful documentary ‘Racing Extinction’ directed by Oscar-winning Louie Psihoyos and produced by Fisher Stevens which is all about our role in making animal species extinct. Things like Global Warming and hunting down of endangered species for our own benefits have all contributed in extinction of many species and a whole lot more lined-up for future. The star of this documentary was a Tesla Model S equipped with a 15,000-lumen projector, infrared FLIR (forward looking infrared) camera to spot CO2 emissions and draped in electro-luminescent paint job.

Racing Extinction shows the impact of humans on mother Earth and its off-spring

Behind the wheel of this undercover mobile eco-projection vehicle was Leilani Münter, a biology graduate turned race driver. To bring maximum attention to this Tesla Model S, Racing Extinction team commissioned LumiLor for the electroluminescent paint job developed by Darkside Scientific which can turn the effect on/off with the switch of a button. The projection unit for the stamping images projected onto the high rise buildings came courtesy Obscura Digital who developed the custom video projection system for the Tesla.

Tesla Model S for Racing Extinction movie

Effectively all this technology made this particular Tesla Model S the most expensive and visually stunning electric vehicle on the planet. In the end this impactful documentary turned out just as planned and millions around the globe watched it on Discovery this week. It is for sure that Racing Extinction will be aired on Discovery Networks to create global awareness.

Tesla Model S for Racing Extinction movie

Tesla Model S for Racing Extinction movie_4

Tesla Model S for Racing Extinction movie_2



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