Leonardo da Vinci robot is too real to believe

Leonardo da Vinci robot by Osaka University team

Recently there has been a growing trend for making humanoid robots that you can barely distinguish from a real human being. Now researchers at the Osaka University have taken this to a whole new level by developing an android which you would mistake for a real person if no one told you that it is actually a robot. To top it off this android looks exactly like Leonardo da Vinci and has facial expression that will make you go wow!

The man behind development of this strikingly real robot is ASADA Minrou who is a professor at Osaka University Graduate School of Engineering. Emulating the highly intellectual Italian who had a vast array of interests and talents, this humanoid is designed in such a way that it is able to exhibit precise body language and facial expressions which are jaw-dropping.

For now the Leonardo da Vinci android is controlled remotely by a computer which has an interface through which you can change facial expressions, match the voice of its computer operator to the movement of lips and much more. The future developments of this robot might include AI integration to make it fully automated. It could then be employed in museums and exhibitions to be conversant with children regarding knowledgeable topics.

Leonardo da Vinci robot made appearance at the National Museum of Science and Technology expo in Milan and also currently at the International Robot Exhibition in Tokyo Big Sight.

Leonardo da Vinci robot by Osaka University team_2

Leonardo da Vinci robot by Osaka University team



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