Students in Singapore develop electric-powered personal aircraft

snowstorm personal flying machine-1

Over the years humans have been fascinated with flying cars. And so, there have been endless endeavors to turn this fantasy for flying cars into reality. One such effort is underway at the National University of Singapore, where a group of engineering students have developed Snowstorm – a personal electric-powered flying machine. Created as part of an engineering project called FW Air: Electric Aviation, this electric powered aircraft is capable of vertical takeoff and landing and can be controlled effectively by a human pilot.

snowstorm personal flying machine

Understandably, the toughest part of building the personal flying machine was to garner exponential amount of thrust to weight ratio so that the aircraft could lift off a human pilot.. Since the requirement was of lighter parts, engineering students have used certain 3D printed parts, including landing gear mount, for customized and optimal fit.

snowstorm personal aircarft

Presently, the electric-powered aircraft is in prototype stage and can remain off the ground for almost five minutes. Good enough to start with. Interestingly, the flight control system on board the Snowstorm allows the pilot to roll, swerve, pitch and thrust.

Via: TechRadar/Engadget



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