Martin Jetpack to sell commercially in China, maiden test flight successful

P12 martin jetpack

Remember the Martin Jetpack aka KuangChi Martin Jetpack – first commercially viable jetpack that can be flown by a pilot or wirelessly by a remote control? The jetpack made by New-Zealand-based Martin Aircraft, recently (on December 6) made its maiden flight (both with pilot and via remote control) in South Chinese city of Shenzhen. Demonstrated over a water park, the P12 jetpack was first flown by Michael Read, director of Flight Operations at Martin Aircraft, as pilot in-charge, for five minutes, followed by remote controlled demonstration amid public cheer and admiration.

Martin Jetpack which features 200-horsepower gasoline-powered engine is going to be sold commercially in mainland China for 1.6 million Yuan (approx. $250,000). Hong Kong-listed Chinese company, KuangChi Science Ltd, investor in Martin Aircraft will be selling the personal flying machine in China. 100 flagship jetpacks with 20 jetpack trainers have been ordered for China.

KuangChi has started an Iron Man Club, which will be the Mecca for all jetpack flying activity. Anone willing to fly the jetpack will have to join the club, receive professional training and only then receive a certification.

Martin Jetpack that flies below 1500 meters for almost 30 minutes at maximum speed of up to 80 kmph makes for a perfect device for medical emergencies, rescue and tourism.

Via: Yahoo/NBR



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