Rechargeable paper battery can bend and fold, store record levels of energy

Power paper - paper battery

We have used paper in many forms, and now researchers at the Linkoping University – a state university in Linkoping, Sweden, want us to use paper as an efficient battery. Not just any ordinary battery, but a storage solution that’s comparable with some of the best super-capacitors on market. Called the “power paper” – the state-of-the-art material is made from renewable nano-cellulose (same cellulose fibers used in paper) and conductive polymer. The rechargeable battery is being developed to create more sustainable and environmentally-friendly ways to store energy.

Power paper is made from cellulose fibers with polymer coating. The thin paper requires water to work as an electrolyte. The uniquely developed sheet of storage paper is completely metal and acid free and it is durable enough to be folded – making it ideal for small devices.

Power paper - paper battery-1

According to researchers, a 15 centimeters cross and very thin power paper is good to store upwards of 1 F of energy. The paper battery takes only a few seconds to charge and can be charged for over a hundred times in its life time.

The research team has received funding for the power paper from the Swedish Foundation for Strategic Research. The team is now planning to scale up the research process and make it industry worthy.

Via: DailyMail



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