Wait for HTC Vive extends till April 2016

HTC Vive VR headset

HTC Vive VR headset developed in partnership with Valve Steam VR program was promised for a launch around this time for holiday season, but that has been delayed for now. HTC has officially confirmed that potential buyers won’t get their hands on Vive till April 2016. In the meantime they are going to make 7,000 units available to the developers for further improvements to this room-sized (15×15 ft. space) VR experience. Although HTC has promised second-generation version of developers kit at CES 2016 which is speculated to come with subtle changes.

It is not the first time HTC has revised the launch date as they made the announcement back in August of its availability by the end of this year. The delay could be due to some hardware issue which is not sorted yet or lack of VR content for the headset. That could be one of the reason as HTC have said in their statement about delivering Vive to a broader group of content creators to make sure the final experience for consumers is flawless.

It’s better to have a flawless product rather than playing around with a buggy one

HTC is taking the chance of developing content across a wide array of fields including gaming, entertainment, education, medical and retail. That is why they want to ensure there is enough VR content for these specific sectors to make the experience unparalleled. In a way wanting to launch Vive headset full-proof of any errors and multitude of applications to explore it with.

To keep the interest up HTC is going to show-off Vive headset at developers’ conference in Beijing on December 18th, Sundance Film Festival, SXSW, GDC and MWC.

Via: VentureBeat



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