Black Ops 3 Purifier emulated in a flame-throwing Lego replica

Black Ops 3 Purifier flamethrowing gun Lego replica

One weapon in the latest Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 that was destined to have DIY remake is the Purifier Flamethrower. And it doesn’t surprise me that seasoned DIY’er [ZaziNombies] has made a functional one from Legos. They have managed to replicate the one shown in Black Ops 3 and its coolest bit, the flame-throwing action.

This 3-foot long flame-throwing weapon is made from 1,200 Lego pieces and a dozen or so specialty pieces to give it a very distinctive look. The fire spitting action is not initiated by the trigger, rather it is done by holding a spray can near the gun. In-fact they can fix the mechanism in gun’s throttle and initiate it with the trigger if they have plans of improving its design.

The purifier flame-throwing gun made from Legos looks quite striking and adds to [ZaziNombies] collection of cool Lego guns and other makes. Making one yourself will require a lot of patience and skill, but you can always give it a try.



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