Ibuprofen skin patch delivers consistent drug for 12 hours of pain-relief

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Ibuprofen has been used as a medicine for relief from chronic pain, inflammatory conditions or arthritis for some many years. First there were the good old medicines and then came the gel version which could be applied to the affected area. Now making a technological upgrade to the non-invasive way in which ibuprofen can be administered is this tattoo like medical patch.

Professor David Haddleton (left) of The university of Warwick and Nigel Davis, CEO of Medherant

Professor David Haddleton (left) of The university of Warwick and Nigel Davis, CEO of Medherant

This ibuprofen patch developed by researchers at the University of Warwick in association with Coventry-based Medherant can be applied directly to skin for instant relief. Once applied, this patch delivers constant dose of the drug for 12 hours into the body and it sticks to the skin. Ibuprofen patch can contain high amount of ibuprofen drug which can be 5-10 times more than currently used patches or gels. The transparent patch comes with polymer technology developed by Bostik, so one can be rest-assured of the quality.

The patch stores high dosage of ibuprofen and delivers it consistently for 12 hours non-stop

Researchers have not only been able to test this patch with ibuprofen drug but also with methyl salicylate which is used in liniments or gels. Also they believe other drugs can be loaded onto this patch for non-invasive administration.

The ibuprofen patch is going to be available in the market in two years’ time with promise of enhanced safety and efficacy which will be a benefit to the healthcare system.

Ibuprofen patch medicinal drug

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