Adidas creates 3D printed running shoe finished in recycled ocean waste


Sportswear giant Adidas, with the ambition to change the way footwear industries has thrived over the years, is steadily venturing into the field of eco-friendly shoes. In collaboration with Parley for the Oceans, Adidas revealed a pair of shoes made from recycled ocean waste back in June. Now, taking that notch further, Adidas is combining 3D printing technology with ocean waste recycling to create their new concept shoe probably called “Ocean Plastic.”

The new running shoe design features 3D printed midsole that’s made from recycled polyester and gillnets (material used in fishing nets), while the exterior of the shoe is made from recycled ocean plastic.


Just recently, the sportswear giant revealed Futurecraft 3D – the company’s first attempt at 3D printed shoes. The conceptual pair of shoes according to Adidas makes for a completely eco-friendly footwear – courtesy the use of recycled material it is made from.

Currently, there is no word on when and for what price the new pair of running shoes will be available for consumers. But both Adidas and Parley are adamant on making the pair available at the earliest possible.





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