World’s first modular watercraft to ship in January 2016

Bomboard modular watercraft

Watercrafts are fun to drive and take full benefit of calm waters on a sunshine filled day. Although transportation can be an issue at times. BomBoard is the world’s first modular personal watercraft which solves this problem since it can be taken apart into four sections. So, this watercraft can be loaded into the boot of your car and taken to the nearest beach. Under the hood this machine packs a punch with 45 HP fuel injected motor (450cc) mated to a high performance jet pump. This makes BomBoard go at top speed of 45 mph.

The jetskie is made for adrenaline pumping action, infusing high octane action like flips by catching a rising wave. It has a removable 3-gallon tank which holds 18 lbs. of fuel which gives around 2-4 hours of run time depending on driving style. That is at par with some of the leading jetskies adventure seekers vouch for. As an added advantage the watercraft will be priced at $3,995 which is far less than some other standard ones.

BomBoard is currently up on Indiegogo for funding the amount required to get it into production and finally to your doorstep. In all likelihood the project will amass steep funding amount of $100,000 and the initial batch of 25 BomBoard’s will be shipped in January 2016.

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