Uniwheel, a single wheel ridable electric transporter available for pre-order

Uniwheel-single wheel electric transporter

A British company has launched the Uniwheel – a single wheel rideable electric transporter that is designed with the idea of transforming the way we negotiate the last mile. Described as the urban head turner on its website, the Uniwheel is designed for casual rule breakers – for rule breakers since it’s illegal to ride hoverboards and self-balancing unicycles on the payments in Britain. Weighing almost 24 pounds, the Uniwheel is one of the more feature-packed unicycle on the market. The Uniwheel features replaceable bumper, it has bi-directional LED backlight and headlights.

The self-balancing electric unicycle is steered by the weight of the human riding it. Leaning in the direction to move, steers the Uniwheel in that direction. Interestingly, the Uniwheel comes with a dedicated smartphone app, which lets the riders keep track of their journeys.

Uniwheel-single wheel electric transporter-1

Available for pre-order in the UK for £990 (approx. $1,500) in limited edition (only 99 available), the Uniwheel is capable of riding at a top speed of 22 kmph. The Uniwheel can go up 10 miles on a single charge – perfect for the last mile commute (from the tube station or bus stop to office or home) which otherwise has to be negotiated on foot.

Uniwheel-single wheel electric unicycle

Most notable feature that sets Uniwheel apart from other unicycles is that the Uniwheel has infrared sensors that notify on a fall to automatically switch off the unicycle’s 1,500W motor in the engine. This brings the Uniwheel to an abrupt halt, which otherwise would end up sliding dangerously onto the road on the payment obstructing traffic or hurting people.

Uniwheel-single wheel electric unicycle-1

Via: TheVerge



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