Tesla reveals iPhone 6s and 6s Plus leather case for just $45

Tesla Design leather iphone case

Tesla Motors is making a lot of electric cars with a vision to change the complexion of automotive technology in the coming decades. The interiors of these cars are obviously draped in world-class upholstery and there must be a lot of waste leather that can be put to good use. Elon Musk has put the waste leather retrieved from Model S car seats into making iPhone cases that look appealing. A very nifty idea indeed and great for Elon’s business as he’ll make more money by selling these cases under the division Tesla Design.

Tesla Design leather iphone case_1

Bringing premium Tesla feel to your iPhone 6s and 6s Plus, this case in black Nappa grain leather finish has three slots in the back to store your credit cards, cash or any other thing you want to stuff-in. The all black look of this case will appeal a huge section of iPhone buyers and the fact that it comes for just $45 is another reason to go for it. Get ready to spare another $5 and you’ll get credit card slots for the case too. Plus you’ll get RFID reader protection also. The case will have Tesla logo and name on the back.

Tesla Design leather iphone case_3

Tesla Design leather iphone case_2



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