DIY awesomeness: AT-AT Walker controlled with an Xbox 360 controller

AT-AT Walker controlled with an Xbox 360 controller

AT-AT Walker, the heaviest four-legged armored ground vehicle in Imperial Army had a huge impact on the enemy. The galactic battles of Star Wars were in a way intimidated by AT-AT Walker. There have been innumerable DIY’s which emulate the AT-AT Walker and this one is one step above them all. Dave Stein, a software engineer, Star Wars fan and keen DIY’er turned a lifeless model of the walker into a real functional juggernaut that is controlled by an Xbox 360 controller.

As Dave says in his project page, this AT-AT Walker is something he always wanted. He used an Arduino Uno and Adafruit Servo Shield to assign the Xbox 360 controller’s button to the movement of this toy. He can move it forward or back and turn its head in any direction. To add cool factor, he tinkered with the Xbox 360 controller with blue light LEDs. He wants to add controls for the cannons and also add a camera to the walker in coming days.

For ones who want to make this AT-AT Walker for themselves, he’ll also post a tutorial once the project is complete. For now he has provided the list of things required for this project and if you’ve already got the knowledge to do your own bit to the AT-AT Walker, you can start right away.

Via: TheVerge



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