Nigerian boy makes fully-functional mini excavator at home

Fidellis Nwachukwu mini excavator

A Nigerian boy has successfully demonstrated his prototype mini version of an excavator that he build at home without any prior knowledge of automotive technologies or mechanical engineering. Fidellis Nwachukwu demonstrated his mini excavator at the Abuja International Motor Fair held in Nigeria. Coming from a very poor background and worried about his nation’s economic condition, the boy wants to change the scenario with his own innovations. The mini excavator is completely functional and Fidellis says his motivation for making one came from his belief in divine inspiration.

His aim is to bring economic reform with innovations that will put his country way ahead of the current state. Such kind of technology will improve financial condition of the nation and he has more plans to create other innovative things. The only downside is that he has got no support from the government for his efforts and his visit to the House of Assembly wasn’t a good experience. When he showed-off his prototype excavator to the officials, they accused him of being a Boko Haram terrorist and sent away.

According to Fidellis, he spent almost ₦ 200,000 ($1006 approx.) on this prototype version and to make the real version he’ll need ₦ 12,550,000 ($63090 approx.). That won’t be possible without the help of government and we hope this boy gets the chance to come-up with more such ideas in the future.

Via: Naij/GossipNigeria



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