Back to the Future inspired self-drying jacket dries completely in a minute

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I am not trying to sound fancy, but there is no denying the fact that Back to the Future props are all the rage amid creators. We have already seen road-legal DeLorean replica, Nike’s own self-lacing sneakers and now it’s time for Marty McFly’s auto-drying jacket. If you always wanted to rock the Back to the Future II look and never worry about getting caught in the storm – self-drying jacket by Falyon Wearable Tech is what you’d been waiting for. Dubbed the SDJ-01, the jacket is not a real-life imitation of Marty’s jacket from 2015; instead it is directly inspired from Robert Zemeckis’ 1989 sequel of BTTF, fitted with more pockets to carry all ‘gadgets people carry in real 2015.’

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The SDJ-01 jacket is made from water resistant material and it features a high-pressure air that travels within the layers of the jacket.  According to Falyon Wearable Tech’s lead designer, Aaron Coleman, the jacket can dry completely in about a minute.

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The jacket designed in red and black look from the movie has a button in the bottom. This activates a pair of blowers in the jacket to pump high-pressure air between the layers of the jacket; the air flows and exits from small vents near the collar.

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Excitingly, SDJ-01 jacket has waterproof pockets; so the gadgets inside the pockets are always dry.

SDJ01-self-drying jacket

Falyon Wearable Tech has launched a Kickstarter campaign for the self-drying jacket. The company has set a modest $12,000 goal. With 13 days still to go, the campaign has received $11,690 (at the time of writing). Scheduled to retail for $189 on launch in April 2016, early birds price is $149.

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Via: PSFK/Gizmodo



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