This wingsuit stunt in the Russian mountains could have turned ugly

Ratmir Nagymyanov and Aleksey Drozdov wingsuit jump in Russian mountains

Wingsuit fliers always carry a quotient of danger whenever they take a leap of faith and hope to achieve what they plan on doing. There are many factors which can take a wingsuit flier off course and risk banging into mountains or skyscrapers. But that doesn’t stop daredevils from making their next base jump and do stunts that no one else has done before. We have already seen loads of daring wingsuit stunts in the past and this one here is right out of the mind-numbing category. Watch base jumpers Ratmir Nagymyanov and Aleksey Drozdov go through the ancient ruins on a Russian mountain in heart-stopping clip which is unbelievable.

The action took place in Myat-Loam Mountains in the Ingushetia Republic, when the pair jumped off the mountain and looked on course for the ancient ruins. As they both approached the location, it is hard to believe that they whizzed past the walls of these ruins barely 1 meter away them.

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In the end it turned out to be a success and without being said that it required heart of steel to such a stunt. Let alone watching it. Just enjoy the duo adding another daredevil wingsuit jump to the long list that’s already rocking the internet.

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