Fully-functional LEGO Fat Man is big and intimidating

LEGO Fat Man from Fallout 4

We have been big fans of YouTube veteran ZaziNombies here at Damngeeky. Alongside all the previously created artwork, the recently developed shoulder mounted mini-nuke launcher the “Fat Man” from game series Fallout 4 has us floored yet again. The fully-functional combat weapon is created from 2,500 plus LEGO bricks. All Fallout fans will be versed with the Fat Man – the most iconic weapon in the game series – and its replica in LEGOs here is the closest man has got at attempting the shoulder mounted nuclear catapult for real.

The highly sought-after weapon despite being made in LEGO features all the necessary parts. The LEGO Fat Man measures 1.2 m in length and comes complete with string, trigger and straight handles at the bottom, thankfully though it doesn’t launch mini-nuke, instead shoot LEGO Zappelins.

Via: YouTube/BrothersBrick



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