This Star Wars game turns your smartphone into a Lightsaber [w/Video]

Lightsaber Escape game

Star Wars: The Force Awakens is just a couple of away from epic release and it is the perfect time to introduce a game themed on one. Lightsaber Escape by Google is a fun game that turns your phone into a cool Lightsaber. The game is developed as a collaboration between Google, Disney, Lucasfilm and Industrial Light & Magic. You’ll be able to battle Stormtroopers right in your Chrome browser with your own smartphone turned into a Lightsaber weapon.

We tried our hand at the game and calibration was as smooth as you would want. Playing the game was also a good experience with all the sound effects coming from the laptop and phone speakers. However, the game felt a little buggy one I cleared the First Order. Maybe that is an issue with the internet connectivity or phone and desktop sync.

Lightsaber Escape game

Starting your Star Wars adventure is very easy. Just visit the portal Lightsaber Escape on your chrome browser and you’ll be given a link to visit on smartphone. Click that link and you’ll be prompted to calibrate the phone by holding it vertically in front of the computer screen. Once the calibration is done, you will start the game inside the Star Destroyer. Stormtroopers will fire at you and you’ll need to reflect the lasers with your weapon to escape the First Order.

Lightsaber Escape game

Source: Chrome/GoogleBlogspot



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