Wurf Board standing desk accessory relaxes your body and increase productivity

Wurf Board

Having a sitting job comes with its own perks, but at the same time it can take a silent toll on your body. You have tired leg muscles, back pain, posture issues and other niggling distractions which ultimately hamper your productivity. The same is true for standing desk profiles which can be a lot more demanding on the back muscles and legs. To make your life more pleasurable and stress-free for any such profiles, an adjustable air spring platform might be just what you need.

Wurf Board by JumpSport is a platform for your feet that adjusts to your standing style and offers comfort and relaxation to your muscles. This encourages blood flow to the muscles which leads to more focus on the job at hand and increases productivity. This trampoline-like platform is designed in such a way that it induces the user to initiate feet movement. This reduces fatigue and keeps you up for any task at hand without even having an ounce of lactic acid in the muscles.

Wurf Board

Going ahead with the idea of making a practical support platform for your feet, the team at JumpSport also sees this as your workout accessory. With lower body always in movement, the Wurf Board helps you in burning calories and staying fit.

For now the project is up on Kickstarter and the minimum price slots of $95 and $115 are all gone. The next slot of $138 is also exhausting fast and now is the right time to pledge one of your own Wurf Board on Kickstarter. The accessory will start shipping in US & Canada in late January and in UK and Australia it will come by March 2016.

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Via: FastCoDesign



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