Jay Leno takes Hot Wheels Darth Vader car for a spin in California

Jay Leno drives Hot Wheels Darth Vader car

Nothing is making the headlines these days but Star Wars. The galactic battle for supremacy is out with the next big movie The Force Awakens and internet is filled with everything you can relate to Star Wars. That said, Darth Vader car is probably the coolest thing you’ll read about here. It even gives the Batmobile a good run for its money. Based on Chevrolet C6 Corvette chassis this intimidating Hot Wheels car is designed to look like the Darth Vader helmet which has been the inspiration for countless other designs seen in the past. That said, Dark Lord of the Sith is so going to love this.

This incredible driveable car is designed by Bryan Benedict who wanted it to look like the Darth Vader helmet which is so popular amongst the sci-fi movie fanatics. Therefore, he modelled it around the Bugatti Atlantic’s design which has flowing lines and builder Billy Hammon did the rest. The car is made from carbon fiber material and after making a small scale model of what the team believe would be the apt wheels for Darth Vader, they set out on making the real two-seater version.

Jay got the chance to drive Darth Vader car in the streets of California and you bet he loved it. Everything impressed him beyond belief. The signature breathing sound the car makes, retracting helmet-like roof which gives access to enter/exit the car and its power on the road. Obviously people were excited about the Darth Vader car going past them and some were jealous too I know.

Flowing lines were going to be the defining design needed for this black car and designer Bryan nailed it perfectly.

Life-sized Darth Vader car

Source: NBC



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