This handmade wooden Jaguar E-Type built to scale will blow your mind

wooden Jaguar E-Type

Wood has become a new construction material for car modders around the globe. We have already treated our eyes to the first wooden electric car, a wooden Bugatti Veyron and of course the street legal wooden cars by Isaac Cohen. Now is time to sit back on the chair and appreciate the sheer genius of the all wooden Circa Jaguar E-Type. The full scale model is completely handmade from teak wood though it doesn’t feature an engine.

This big boy car toy despite the engine and steer on a rolling chassis. The wooden Jaguar E-Type has been listed on eBay, but sadly it’s only shipping in the UK, where the car has been built. The eye-pleasing art car is priced at GBP 12,995 (approx. $20,000).

The seller is pretty confident about finding a buyer who’ll love to keep the model car despite the hefty price tag. Seller has listed a 14 day return policy in case a buyer wants to return the car for some defined reasons.

More pictures below.

wooden Jaguar E-Type-1wooden Jaguar E-Type-2wooden Jaguar E-Type-3 wooden Jaguar E-Type-4wooden Jaguar E-Type-960wooden Jaguar E-Type-5 wooden Jaguar E-Type-6 wooden Jaguar E-Type-7Via: Jalopnik



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