Second-gen Ford GT to have Corning Gorilla Glass windshield

2017 Ford GT supercar

Lightweight body made from carbon fiber material

Second-generation Ford GT is the epitome of Ford’s automotive innovation and they want the supercar to have performance that is unmatchable. To achieve this the engineers are going to shed 12 pounds from the total weight by having the industry’s first ever Corning Gorilla Glass hybrid windshield. Yes, the same Corning Gorilla Glass that protects your smartphone display. This hybrid windshield will have three layers comprising of Gorilla Glass specially made of automotive, thermoplastic and annealed glass applications.

The scratch-resistant glass is going to be thinner (25%-50% thinner), lighter (30% lighter) and stronger than traditional windshield glass and the weight reduction will mean better handling and performance for Ford GT. This also lowers the center of gravity which in turn means better traction control and taking corners with more speed. The glass is going to be used in both front and rear engine cover which will protect people inside from any damage.

Industry-first Gorilla Glass windshield to increase performance of Ford GT supercar

Apparently this glass material specifically designed for automotive industry has been tested for safety and other criteria. As you can see from the hail test, the windshield material is able to withstand it and shows minimal sign of damage which is a major step over traditional glass used in automotive industry.

According to Hau Thai-Tang, Ford group Vice President, Global Purchasing:

Gorilla Glass hybrid is a great example of how Ford works with suppliers to innovate in every area of our business. Ford GT is setting new standards for innovation through performance and light-weighting, and we’re excited about exploring other applications for this great new technology.

Ford GT gorilla glass windshield

Ford GT Gorilla Glass windshield

Source: Ford



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