Netflix Socks with sensors can pause a show if you fall asleep while watching it

netflix socks

Just a few months back, Netflix introduced the “Netflix and chill” button. Now, the streaming service giant has introduced another do-it-yourself project called Netflix Socks. The pair of knitted socks with built-in sensors can detect when the wearer has fallen asleep while binge watching, and it automatically pauses the TV ensuring that you don’t sleep through your stream only to wake up a couple of season later.

Netflix Socks is embedded with accelerometer and sensors that use a technology called actigraphy. What the socks do is they detect how long it has been since your feet have moved (embedded accelerometer is very sensitive to slightest of movements). If the socks detect it’s been a long time (understanding that you have fallen asleep) a red LED light in the cuff of the socks begins to flash. This is a warning that a pause signal is about to be sent to the television. Any motion you make can stop the signal else the signal is passed to the TV to pause Netflix.

Interestingly, Netflix isn’t offering a pair of these socks for purchase, which means you have to make them yourself. You can pick a socks design from Netflix gallery (if you can a pair inspired by your favorite show). Instructions for making the socks are available on Netflix website.

Before you getting down to making one pair, you’ll need to know some knitting and building electronics. Additionally, you’ll need some knowledge in microcontroller programming and soldering iron.

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